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Mar 10, 2020

TikTok Advertising


If your company is already Tikking and Tokking, you are probably ready to get into paid advertising on TikTok. In this blog, we will cover the different types of advertising your firm can use to engage and attract customers. (Note: these are all forms of paid advertising within the application, so there will be a cost involved.)

#1 Brand Takeovers

Brand takeovers are a great way to get your company in front of people from the minute they open the app. Brand takeover advertisements appear when the app is opened and link to the business’ landing page [1]. These ads can be effective for two reasons: 1) primacy effect and 2) full-screen coverage. You may know from your psychology 101 class that people are more likely to remember in the long term and be influenced by the first thing they observe [2]. Here are some examples: you are more likely to remember the first number in a long string of numbers, the attention-grabber at the beginning of your presentation is remembered more than your presentation content, and you cannot seem to shake a bad first impression of someone even though you have had other positive interactions. This concept is called the primacy effect [2]. Brand takeover ads capitalize on the primacy effect. They also capitalize on full-screen coverage. One of the best ways to make sure users are really watching your ad is to take up their entire screen. Brand Takeover ads first appear with full-screen coverage. The user can either click “skip ad” or after a few seconds, the screen will transition so the usual side menu appears, and the user can scroll to see the next video.

#2 Native Advertisements

Native ads are 9-15-second-long videos that play between user content [1]. These ads have the side menu and look like normal user content [1]. Users can scroll past these ads to skip them [1]. The benefit of native ads is that they feel less like advertising. Since Gen Z and Millennials tend to be averse to traditional advertising, native ads can be a way to show them your great product without making the younger generations feel disengaged.

#3 Sponsored Hashtags Challenges

If you have used TikTok, you have probably seen many TikToks are focused on challenges. Dance challenges, makeup challenges, art challenges…you name it! Companies can sponsor challenges on TikTok’s Discover page by creating a hashtag and banner for the top of the page [1]. Users can select the banner to see your firm’s videos explaining the challenge [1]. Then, the user can film themselves attempting the challenge and use the hashtag in their video description [1]. Sponsored hashtags challenges are a great way to advertise because they actively engage your audience. These ads are also amazing at promoting user-generated content (UGC), which can sometimes be used in other external advertisements. The younger generations that are so averse to traditional advertisements are highly influenced by UGC.

#4 Branded Lenses

As we discussed in our last blog, there are many filters that TikTok users can utilize in their videos. Your business can create a lens related to your business that stays live for ten days [1]. The lens can be added to users' videos and comes in 2D and 3D [1]. This is another great way to actively engage with TikTok users. Branded lenses get users creating content associated with your brand, much like hashtag challenges.

Those are the four ways your business can use paid advertising on TikTok: brand takeovers, native advertisements, sponsored hashtag challenges, and branded lenses. To get started with your paid TikTok advertising, click the link here: