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Likes vs. Comments vs. Shares

Jan 14, 2020

Engagement. Forget about diamond rings and promises to wed, engagement means something different altogether to social media marketers. Marketers seek to gain engagement with their posts by getting users (the people active on social media) to like, comment on, or share their posts.

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Marketing School: Common Marketing Nomenclature

Jan 6, 2020

Though marketing involves logic, the industry is anything but simple. Fortunately, we have some marketing term definitions to help you get through those gibberish-filled marketing meetings that have you tongue-tied. Here are 15 frequently used marketing terms and their definitions.

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Email Tips

Jan 2, 2020

Email provides a platform for internal business communication and serves as an efficient, personal marketing tool for reaching current and potential customers. Whether you already utilize email marketing, or you would like to start, here are some tips to help improve your open and click-through rates.

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PowerPoint Presentations: Do’s and Don’ts

Dec 18, 2019

Just four do’s and four don’ts for creating infinitely more effective, efficient, and even entertaining PowerPoint slides for your next presentation.

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Creating a Logo: Print and Digital Versioning

Dec 10, 2019

Picture your logo on different print products, such as brochures, fliers, banners, and postcards; promotional items, such as pens, T-shirts, and hats; and finally in digital channels, such as on the top corner of your website, in an email header, or on a social media profile or cover image [1]. On these items, will your logo be illegible? Will your logo standout against the background? Will your logo be too long or too wide for certain surfaces? These are all questions to ask yourself to make sure your logo is flexible enough to be used everywhere. To combat this, you can use versioning.

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Creating a Logo: Fonts and Typefaces

Dec 3, 2019

Think about the popular book series, Harry Potter. Not only is J.K. Rowling’s content magical, but the fonts in the books are magical too [1]. Even the movies use the unique font, with the “P” in Potter including Harry’s iconic lightning bolt. Fonts have an important role to play in logos. Like we discussed in our last blog, creating a logo includes a few design considerations: color, font, and versioning. Last blog, we discussed colors and the meanings behind them. This blog covers fonts.

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Creating a Logo: The Impact of Color

Nov 27, 2019

You’ve created a company. You have a company name. Now you need a logo. 

Logos serve as a great brand awareness tool. Think about popular logos. For example, the McDonald’s golden arches or the Nike check. Without seeing an image, most people can conjure up exactly what those two logos look like in their head. When creating a logo, there are a few basic design aspects to consider: color, font, and versioning.

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Marketing step 1: understand your value-add, step 2: articulate it

Nov 5, 2019

The first step of marketing for any company involves understanding your firm’s value-add. To fully understand the value that your company provides to your clients, ask yourself these questions…

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Instagram: Why we love it

Oct 29, 2019

For those unfamiliar with Instagram, let’s review the platform. Instagram, owned by Facebook, Inc., focuses on photo-sharing. The platform allows users to upload, edit, and share images and videos either publicly, or only with their account’s followers. Users can either take photos or videos to share or upload from their photo library.

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